matisse, 1/24/2023, 10:29PM(250 days ago) @Sammy

So now we see how Thomas gets back into Forrester Creations. Pleeeaaase! What was the point in the whole ridiculous s/l when Thomas pulled his crap? The whole s/l was a waste of time. If Thomas is allowed back with everything he did and no consequences I will be done. Repeat repeat repeat.
Actually with the current Bill and Sheila s/l I watch very little. It is so not interesting or watchable
These writers have little talent and no imagination.

I am just baffled how Tom hasn't got enough cash to buy his own place, and the apartment he sold to Paris looks like a dump. The guy is pushing 40, he has worked at FC since she was 21. Does FC only pay minimum wage to lead designers? I mean Ridge has never owned his own house. Tom sponges off friends who live in tiny apartments that look kind of crummy. And Steffy never pays even near market value for anything she has lived in, her condo was a gift from Bill. The house she bought for next to nothing from Bill. Come to think of it, Steffy is the one Bill should really want to get even with when you think of all the stunts she has pulled on him. Maybe that is what he is doing now with Shelia, getting even with Steffy. LOL

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