Here we go again...Wounded Ridge Rebounds and Taylor let's h

pspcindy @, 8/6/2022, 9:05AM(308 days ago) @Barbybo- 2 people liked this

This is exhausting!!!
Not to mention pathetic.
(Not to mention...those two have no heat. That kiss was boring)

Ridge never calls to check context or anything. He jumps to a conclusion & acts out like a child.
I've been done with this character for a while, but now I want Brooke to be done with him too. This is ridiculous. Let Taylor be at his beck & call. He'll be bored in no time.

It's clear this is also all to set up TRIDGE vs the LOGAN/SPENCERS in a battle for Douglas next. It's even makes it hard for me to care about Finn & Steffy because she'll just be a shrew in a week or two. Lol.

Ridge walked in with Taylor he didn't look mad at Brooke

This Ridge makes me sick-has done since his hypocritical, cheating butt showed back up. This is the guy who has constantly cheated since his return, stole his own son's baby and his brother's wife. Then he cheats with his bride's wife, his father's wife, his stepmother's friend and now his used up old, loony ex. He is a disgusting pig.


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