Why does Ridge still have a key?

PoH, 6/23/2022, 6:02AM(7 days ago) @matisse- one person liked this

He doesn't live there anymore. But he got in and said at least the door was locked so he must still have a key. Unless he makes up his mind and decides to move back in, he should give Brooke back her key - he really doesn't have the right to show up whenever he pleases and just let himself in. I would love it if Brooke decided she'd had enough and demanded her key and her life back. Let boring Tridge walk off into the sunset and stay there.

He has a key because they are still married, most of his clothes and things are still there, he has not filed for divorce, and he indicated to her he wants to try and make the marriage work. He just wants more time to get his head around it all, and obviously, he has gotten himself into a situation with Taylor and does not know how to extricate himself from it without hurting her.

He doesn't want to hurt his ex wife but he has no problem hurting his wife.

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