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Yes you were missing in action, we missed you.

Hard to know just what you know or what you missed, so just suffice to say that tho Steffy and all thought Finn was dead and Sheila had shot him accidentally, Li found him scooped him up, but after signing his death certificate and hide him in some room with ALL the equipment he would need to try and bring him back to life out of his comatose state.

For days, he never woke up, Steffy took the kids and went abroad because now Sheila broke out of jail (doesn't everyone?) Oh forgot, Li did visit Sheila in jail and her back was up and she gave her how the cow ate cabbage.
When Li left, Sheila turned around and there was the guard, her old buddy, Mike.

Next thing Sheila is knocking on Li's door and she is not wanting a cup of sugar. she pushes her way in and demands to see Finn, she knows he is still alive and Li has him hidden.A lot of bravado talk and she pushes her way in and sees Finn who still does not open his eyes. The two mothers hover over their son.

More bravado with Sheila professing her undying love for her son and finally Li starts playing her by acting symphathetic to her, and that together they can make Finn well again. She will not tell on Sheila as she would implicate herself as well since she signed the death certificate and is hiding him from his wife and family.

But Sheila becomes suspicious when Li says she must leave for a while to get more supplies without them Finn will die. But dumb dumb Li just gets outside the door of Finn's room into then the living area and one more door to go and she stops and makes a phone call, in which time Sheila with that smirk on her face catches her and a pummeling takes place. Li finally does get the upper hand and grabs her purse and scoots. The phone had been smashed by Sheila.

Li takes off in her car thru the dark, foggy night and Sheila manages to catch up as Mike is dropping off to pick her up and she grabs the keys and does not wait for him but follows Li. You probably saw this part then when she tails her just like Thomas did Emma a few years back and eventually rams her from the rear making the car careen off into a long dark canyon full of ocean tumbling beneath the water surely what Sheila thinks to Li's death. She gets out of car and looks below at her splendor with that satisfied look on her face.


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