Important: Banned Phrase — Please Read (General)

Scott Novick☑ ⌂ @, New York, 1/18/2022, 12:35PM (312 days ago)

There have been a number of posts recently referring to characters as “wig witches.” While using the term “witch” in a figurative sense has been allowed as long as it’s used to describe behavior of the characters, combining it with “wig” — something tied not to the character, but to a choice of hair styling for an actor or actress that is irrelevant to the story — falls outside the bounds of fair commentary and borders on actor bashing.

Comments about actors’ personal choices for their appearances have always been at least scrutinized if not outright falling out of bounds. So I hope you’ll cooperate and heed this message.

Future violations of this could result in lockouts, so I thank you for your time and attention.

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