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by Admin ⌂ @, New York, Friday, August 10, 2018, 11:44PM (40 days ago)

It has become apparent that additional rules will need to be put in place prior to the full relaunch. They will be added as needed, and as the site is still in testing they may or may not be enforced in a timely manner. That is no excuse to break the rules or to follow someone else's lead if they are not addressed. Old Posts are currently being retained, so post histories will be taken into account if rules are ignored.

Please be respectful of others. While you are allowed to disagree with other people's opinion, keep your responses focused on the content of the message. Mocking or otherwise insulting other posters for their opinions is not allowed. Don't post anything that is designed specifically to be inflammatory to other posters. As of right now, posts with name bastardization, derogatory nicknames for characters that are not used in the show and all other forms of clear baiting are also forbidden. Pornographic, sexually explicit language and all other attempts to use words that have been blocked by the word filter are also not permitted.

Negative personal comments about a real person are not allowed. That includes other posters and actors.

Spoilers must be labeled with SPOILER in the title. No spoilers should be contained in the title itself.

Creating multiple accounts is against the terms of service, and can result in all related accounts being banned.

And finally mocking, bullying or insulting other posters is not going to be tolerated for any reason.

If you believe any of these rules have been violated you may report them by using this Contact link or the one located in the bottom right hand corner of the website. All reports MUST include your username, a link to the specific post and content that you are referring to and a brief description of the problem.

YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE! All reported posts will be dealt with as appropriate. If a post is removed, it should not be reposted. If posts that appear to be against the rules are not removed, that is not an indication that it is acceptable to ignore that rule. This board is not currently being actively monitored, so reports may not be seen immediately.

Any violation of these rules will be dealt with as management deems appropriate, up to and including permanent removal of your permission to participate on this site.

By participating on this website, you indicate that you agree to these terms and conditions.

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