Since Liam is living at Bill's... (Spoilers)

GLFan, 6/11/2024, 9:16AM(2 days ago) @Drangonfly

I don't get how some think the test was altered when they were all practically standing in a circle around it, eyeing it, waiting for results. If it's altered it would have to be before they swabbed cheeks

This story is brought to you by the same people who did an entire terminal illness storyline, cured it and never even told us the disease.

But yes I think it was before they swabbed the cheeks. They could say there is a secret way to tamper with the test. Irl a lab has to give results that's why I say they could say anything & we can’t really argue.

Li could have tampered with it and resealed it before she walked into Bill’s. She made a big deal of saying hers was sealed.

Why would Li tampered with it, when she didn't want Bill to be Luna's father? She didn't get the result she wanted which was that Bill isn't Luna's dad.

If there is a tampering being done, it's Poppy. She wanted Luna, to be Bill's.

Not necessarily. It could have been a head fake by Li. Maybe she knows that her ex husband Jack is the father and doesn't want that to come out. What better way than to "prove" that Bill is the father?

Exactly. Jack or less likely Finn.

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