annika noelle on hope and finn (Spoilers)

GLFan, 6/11/2024, 9:13AM(2 days ago) @matisse

Not at all interested. I’m about ready to cancel Hope and Steffy since show can’t seem to write anything but have them at odds over a man. I do not like this anymore than Hope v Steffy for Liam.

It won't last long....this is the road back to Lope, the rebuild. Liam is already showing growth, Hope was doing OK after Tom left, until the last 2 weeks. If the headaches are a benign brain tumor, then Finn can fix her, Steffy can feel like crap for being so hard on her, and Liam can step up and be by Hope's side as she recovers. If that were the case, I am betting she would not remember much after any surgery and would find it awful to find out she actually cheated on Liam with someone like Tom. JMO

I don’t assume this is “the road back to Lope” at all. For me Lope has the chemistry of two rocks except when they’re breaking up, but I realize that’s subjective. Hope’s fake goodness has been shoved for way too many years already. They made a good step toward reality with Liam’s “Hope goggles” comment. IMO having to deal with the fallout of her actions would be much more interesting and novel versus her being given a brain tumor to “purify” her….with no memory of her actions no less! :roll Lastly, Hope put Liam and Thomas in the same bucket yesterday - her past, what she isn’t looking for anymore since she’s gotten to know whole package, good and true Finn. Neither Liam nor Thomas can change their past; either or both can continue to walk the straight and narrow. I think and hope we’re seeing all three characters evolving. Right now I think Hope truly does want someone new who is the whole package. Maybe that will be Finn and maybe it will be someone else, perhaps Carter or even a new character. If finding true forgiveness for someone is part of her journey, then Thomas is just as possible as Liam.

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