Crazy Idea

GracieGirl, 6/11/2024, 8:50AM(2 days ago)

What if Li is the woman Bill made out with at the concert. What if she was the one who floated on the wild side after realizing what a dog she married ages ago. I think the twist is Poppy isn’t Luna’s mother. I’m not saying that Li is but the way Poppy acted initially that she didn’t know Bill. Maybe it’s bad writing. Her delay in telling Bill the truth. Her explanation made no sense. He asked. She lied. She said the timing would be wrong. Yeah I know that pesky little details may be irrelevant here. Now that it’s all out, I have suspicions. I believe Poppy loves Bill. I believe she felt threatened by Katie and Brooke, but I believe Bill is the father. The question may be who is the mother.

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