dailies for next week (Spoilers)

mglass, 5/26/2024, 6:49PM(18 days ago) @Drangonfly

The thing is that all characters have flaws.they are human and their action are driven by their feelings, sometimes by caring nature, sometimes out of spiteness, sometimes by being angry, sometimes by being insecure. Among them, Steffy looks to me unidimensional, 100% of the times behaving as a arrogant bully spoiled brat that enjoys hurt people around especially if they are women, like she feels in constant competition with them. It is not a secret that i consider Thomas a psycho child abuser; though, even he, sometimes acted selfless, i liked him with Sally, he was very good to her....until he wasn't, dumping him for Caroline, but that's another story. Even in the berry lie storyline he looked conflicted and guilty. steffy not. She never shows any compassion or feelings of guilty when she is on a mission to make someone miserable.

I clearly see how u feel re steffy
And i respect all posters feelings
Wish i felt like it is ok for me to like steffy

That's okay. She's your favorite. But she's constantly spewing venom on OUR favorites. That makes us hate her.

I do wish the writers would tone her down
I take no pleasure in being mean or disrespectful
I really appreciate your post

We like who we like. Can you imagine how hard it was to be a Hope fan last year? Whoo hoo, it was rough. ;-)

Yeah that was.
Damn writers.
Between her words, boots and hair, i am dangling to hang in her corner.
She was so so sweet with the girls.
So sweet with eric.
I think she's extra rt now because she knows her and finn r doomed due to sheila

It's just hard for me to find anything good about her because she's awful to my faves and, for the most part, always has been. The writers really don't hold back with these characters, do they?

And yet we keep goin back for more!
I do wish steffy would ease up on hope
This CANNOT be the best use of these women characters!

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