Liam and Hope

Liz @, 5/26/2024, 5:49PM(18 days ago) @Bellapants

Looking at old episodes of Band B Hope has forgiven Liam so many times for running back to Steffy that I believe after the last time when Liam slept with Steffy after Liam thought Hope was kissing Thomas that was the beginning of the end of that marriage. She found out that there was another man that would only love her and only her and she found that in Thomas. Even is she does not end up with Thomas I do not see her running back to Liam.

She already did "run" back to Liam after the affair came out the divorce papers were drawn up and Liam shut her down. More importantly for me, Liam hasn't looked in Hope's direction and hopefully he will stay clear of that disaster.

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