This show is basically a snooze fest

matisse, 5/26/2024, 1:32PM(18 days ago) @Celeste

Sorry for me it doesn't work. Thope is the only thing that can make this show even worse. Hope needs a new man, possibly a stranger one that charmes her with his different culture.

Tom is not going to come back and be a power couple with Hope. He has no power at FC at all, other than his cache as a designer of fairy princess dresses for HFTF. He has 5% of the stock and that is it. Hope has none. They can pack up their toys and stomp out of FC in a huff, but without big bucks behind him, they have nothing to go on. I think he might be coming back to try and play rescue ranger to HFTF, but to what end I have no idea. Tom has just as much a divided heart as Liam does where Steffy is concerned. Maybe more, because Steffy is his only living sister and she is his blood sister and they are loyal to each other. They truly love each other, and want the best for one another. There are many many reasons that Thope will never work in the end, the least being, their chemistry has fizzled because the show spent too much time on the sex part of them, and not enough on showing them doing anything other than screwing, or almost screwing, or getting caught screwing. There is what he did to both her children. What he did to her mother. What he did to her husband. All the lies he told, and the schemes he pulled to have Hope. Then there is the fact that when he found out about baby Beth, it was Steffy's happiness that was more important to him, then bringing Hope's grief to an end. Hope should really think about that last one the next time she thinks about spouting some nonsense to someone that she has Tom's WHOLE heart and loyalty, and he would never have a divided heart about Steffy. He has already proven he is more loyal to his sister, and that he values her opinion over Hope's declarations of her "feelings" about him.

IMO Tom should have a chance to have a SL that does not revolve around him drooling over Hope and doing her bidding 24/7. Tom deserves a fresh start with a different woman, or even a past woman like Sally. The facts are, Tom is not going to just side with Hope about Sheacon or even against Steffy on the matter. He is not going to think Hope butting into Sinn's business was A-OK. Tom knows Finn does not like him, and I would imagine that would make Tom not really care much for Finn. So, I doubt he is going to be all "Rah-Rah" with Hope about her befriending the guy that keeps saying he is not good enough for Hope and she can do much better than Tom. And Tom hates Sheila for the same exact reasons that Steffy hates Sheila, she "killed" their mom which ended their beautiful family and left the door open to Brooke becoming more important to Ridge than Taylor, after her return. She shot Steffy and left her to die in a garbage pile in the alley. Tom is going to feel just like Ridge, Brooke and Liam when it comes to Sheila being around any of them, especially the kids. And if he does not feel that Sheila should be persona-non-grata, then he is going to have to deal with the wrath of Steffy, and Eric and Ridge's disappointment. Hope is not worth it. She will never love him enough to make it worth it. JMO

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