Really, Finn??

BBDownunder, 5/25/2024, 10:24PM(19 days ago) @PatriotGirl

Sheila shot you point blank. When Steffy was calling 911, she threatened Steffy’s life, intending for you to die, to save herself. She shot your wife point blank, picked your pockets and left you for dead on trash bags in an alley. When she found out Steffy survived, she made two attempts to finish her off. When she found you alive, she ran your mother off the road and held you captive. For most people this would be a deal breaker, especially given that she tried to kill the woman you claim to love above all else. But not you Finn. You actually want your wife to accept the woman that tried to kill her. You were cradling her, putting your arm around her, calling her mom. You’ve betrayed every promise you made and now Sheila got the win.

Steffy needs to kick your lying ass to the curb, change the locks and never look back.

Great post. The man has the IQ of a gnat when it comes to Mommy Sheila. Time to send him packing.

im torn, he has a soft heart

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