Five characters who need a reset

BBDownunder, 4/3/2024, 9:14PM(46 days ago) @Viola

According to Soap Central:

Katie hasn't had a real story of her own since she needed a donated kidney to go with her donated heart back in 2019. Sure, she almost reunited with Dollar Bill Spencer a few times since then, but she eventually fell into a comfortable relationship with Carter Walton that barely gets screen time and has been devoid of angst for well over a year.

All we ever see Katie do is be a comfort to her family whenever she's not at work in her position as head of PR at Forrester Creations. Katie needs a reset -- and a life -- fast, so maybe it's time to throw a wrench into her romance.

There is something about Carter's relationship with Katie that just falls flat. Maybe that's because they never have any problems, and we almost never see them together exploring their relationship. It didn't help that Carter had just been in a popular pairing with Quinn right before getting together with Katie.

Maybe B&B needs to finally explore the hurt that Carter felt after Quinn left and learn that it is getting in the way of him fully committing to Katie. Better yet, bring Quinn back to give Carter and Katie a reset together.

Steffy might have moved on. Hope might have moved on. But Liam has not moved on. He is the same Liam he has been for well over a decade, going back and forth between the same two women. Liam has also barely had a story since his marriage to Hope ended last summer.

Perhaps it's time for Liam to find a new woman and a brand-new purpose in life. Or maybe he doesn't need a woman at all. Maybe he just needs therapy to find out why he is the way he is. That would be the best fresh start Liam could ask for.

If Liam needs therapy, then he is going to also need a good therapist, so why not go to Taylor Hayes? That would require her returning to town from whatever humanitarian mission she is currently on, but many fans won't complain.

Taylor is missed, and her children need her, so why not bring her back into the fold. However, this time, she can forget all about reuniting with Ridge for the umpteenth time and focus on a new romance for herself instead.

Thorne's return to L.A. when Eric was sick was the breath of fresh air the Forresters needed. Over the last two years, we have seen Winsor Harmon back in the role twice -- once in Brooke's 35th anniversary dream about her past loves, and again at the end of last year.

There's no reason why Thorne can't return again and get a reset right in Los Angeles. The last time he had any story, he was played by Ingo Rademacher and briefly married Katie before having the union annulled upon learning Katie still had feelings for Bill. Perhaps Thorne can romance Katie again and give Carter a run for his money.

For Katie I would go with a surrogate SL. She would have a baby with Carter, but she wouldn't carry it. The surrogate could fall for Carter and try to tear Katie and Carter apart by trying to kill Katie so she and Carter could raise it together. Cruel? Horrific? Yes, but soapy.

Also Katie's son Will Spencer need to return as an adult..

I think it's coming.

it would be nice to see the Spencers with a real storyline

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