Lope today

Sammy @, 4/3/2024, 8:44PM(46 days ago) @Steph042683

I agree with all of your pasts,
I as a Hope Logan Fan want
my fave girl Hope Logan to
work on herself,her issues,
find out why she destroyed
her family to be with Creepy Tom & The Cruel Kid,
heal,work & spend time with her daughter Beth.
I'm happy Thope is buried & dead,
I'm happy Thope lost their connection
that being the cruel kid.I'm hoping my
fave girl Hope Logan can live her best life,
be happy And I hope Lope eventually reunites.

#AProudSheilaCarter+Hope Logan+Dylan & Jessica Fan & Supporter

Never ever never Lope again. Been there done that way too many times
I wouldn’t say Thope will never be together. It’s possible. I don’t want Hope with Finn, although Steffy deserves it, but I don’t want another man tied to both Hope and Steffy

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