Will Deacon and Hope team up on Steffy.

pspcindy @, 4/3/2024, 10:19AM(11 days ago) @Joy

Even though Deacon didn't approve of Hope with Thomas, if he sees how hurt Hope is and Hope fills him in on the things that Steffy said about Hope and Brooke, I wonder if Deacon will try to take Steffy down. Deacon probably blames Steffy with Sheila backsliding and death. So, I can see Deacon going to Lt. Baker and filling him in on Steffy attacking Sheila twice and wishing her dead. With Ivy coming back, I could see Ivy talking to Baker about the things that she blames Steffy for. Aly's death, being pushed into an electrical panel and falling down the stairs. Hope could tell Baker about being locked in the gondola. They could paint a bad picture of Steffy and prompt an investigation into Sheila's death.

Won't happen. At least, there will be zero consequences for Steffy the violent bully. She gets to rage and slape and demean others but her crimes and her sleazy behavior is never allowed to be mentioned. She is odious.


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