Anyone change their mind about LOPE after today?

BBDownunder, 4/2/2024, 11:29PM(12 days ago) @dxdobson

I think that I see that Liam still loves Hope and Hope still wants to dig at Liam.
Her feelings for Thomas whatever they were, never came close to her love of Liam. They can re-write and say whatever. Sex and love ain’t tge same.
Also for those who say Liam treats Hope like a friend - you mean the way he treated Steffy before he had sex with her when they got drunk?
Or the way he treated her when Finn was thought to be dead?
Everything is up to the writers AND sometimes tge actors’ personal lives. Sometimes that impacts the story.
Susan Flannery retiring. Ronn Miss contract dispute. Heather Tom and JMW maternity leaves, TK’s family vacation and SC’s family change.
All of these changes greatly impacted the storylines.
So if SC is back, and AN is not on vacay maybe tgry will start moving them slowly back.
I think Ivy comes back and has sone say in this story. I don’t think crazy Tom
Is gone.

Ivy will be back for just a handful of episodes but i wish she was on for longer

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