Who will Steffy attack next?

B&Bfan1980, 4/2/2024, 9:18PM(17 days ago) @GracieGirl

If the actress herself says Steffy is unhinged, I wonder how far the show is going with this story? Does unhinged suggest that Steffy is about to have another breakdown because Sheila or Sugar in the form of KB returns to gaslight her? Or will the Finn, Liam and Ridge get to see her explosion first hand. Will they catch her attacking someone? Even then they would make excuses for her. I think in their eyes, she can do no wrong. Maybe Steffy’s next actions will cause the police to look at her again.

A couple of things Deacon said today stuck out to me I don’t think this story is about Sheila gaslighting Steffy. If it were about that I think it would have been Steffy hallucinating from the beginning not Finn.

If this were Sheila’s plot the altercation with Steffy would have needed to happen earlier in the story. She didn’t come up with this in a couple of hours. Sheila reacts when her back is against the wall. She was pissed but she had no reason to run and revenge has never been her priority.

I think this was revenge on Sheila that has gone wrong.
Steffy may get some kind of payback but it may be as simple as Finn wanting a chance to get to know his mother if she is not dead. She has always been mean they are just pushing the envelope a bit right now.I don’t think she is going to attack anyone….else.

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