Steffy today

Viola, 4/2/2024, 8:45PM(13 days ago) @Kammie

True it was ultimately Thomas' choice, but I doubt he would have made it without Steffy's gaslighting him. Steffy played him like a fiddle. Not that I really care about Thomas. I think he deserves getting his heart broke. Except I don't think his heart is broken. I believe he was ready to dump Hope, he already got what he really wanted and got bored. She told him a few weeks earlier that she didn't want to get married and yet he didn't listen His relationships follows a pattern. They last about a year and he is ready to move on to his next obsession. Just hope he moves on and doesn't come back.

I think that he would marry her and then leave her after some months. It would be the last thrill... To finally possess Hope Logan legally and show the whole world he won. Since he realized it isn't happening anytime soon he ditched her as it wasn't giving him enough thrill to just continue dating. It's just my take that I base on how he treated his ex women. His obsession his gone and that's great, but he is still a despicable loser.

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