Steffy today

Viola, 4/2/2024, 8:23PM(13 days ago)- 3 people liked this

Steffy was right about one thing. She encouraged Thomas to leave town and take Douglas, but it was his decision and I wish Hope would understand that.
But this is the only thing I agreed with her on. When she said that Sheila shouldn't have a memorial minutes after claiming that her criminal brother is a wonderful person that deserves the best was just idiotic. Yes, Sheila was crazy, cruel and all of that, but every human deserves a memorial service. If Thomas would die and someone would tell her that she shouldn't say goodbye to a monster like him what would she say? Both Thomas and Sheila plotted to kill people, both schemed, both lack empathy... Thomas is just rich and has way more support from people. It's not like he is that much better than Sheila. If Steffy thinks that her brother is wonderful and deserves a chance after chance after chance then why didn't she at least come to a conclusion to let Sheila be? She didn't have to assault her in Sheila's space, but no... She had to make the situation worse than it had to be. I think Steffy is truly an expert on escalating things and making everything 10 times worse than it should be.
In one breath she tells her husband that they don't have to agree on everything, but in the next she proves that it's not true and he has to be obedient to her in order for them to have peace. How on earth does she want to demand from her husband to not attend a memorial service of his own birth mother? Finn has the right to get closure. It's like assaulting Sheila and killing her still isn't enough for her.

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