A question about RJ and a question about Eric

Sammy @, 2/12/2024, 1:05PM(63 days ago) @Tiqui1999

I am really genuinely curious what would RJ have to do in this whole SL to not be in the wrong and not to deserve to be blamed by Zende? How did RJ actually provoke Zende and what exact sin did he commit? Another question... Why doesn't Zende talk to Eric about his work? I know Eric was at the hospital, but Zende started complaining weeks before he even knew that Eric is sick. He had time. It's all so incredibly illogical for this viewer.

Zende isn't blaming RJ. Zende resents RJ for being the Golden Child. Zende never said RJ was wrong. Zende said RJ was sickenly privileged.

It might be illogical to you, but people don't always speak up right away when they feel they've been shafted. It took him time to decide he needed to speak on it. It took him time to make sure it was the right thing to open that can of worms. Nothing wrong with that.

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