Does Luna have a medical/mental problem

Tiqui1999 @, 2/12/2024, 12:35PM(63 days ago) @Sammy

Why all the popping of the breath mints? Seems every time RJ goes to kiss her, she has to get a breath mint. Is there something medically wrong? It is kinda silly. Go brush your teeth properly and use mouth wash for goodness sake. Weird. :surprised

There is a such thing as having a condition in which you think you stink. And you're constantly trying to mask an odor that others might not even smell.

What I wonder is if there's the reverse condition in which people don't get that they really DO stink. Others smell them but they cant smell themselves!

I think there is such a condition. People who don’t shower regularly problem don’t think they stink. Ewww
Good point

You just reminded me. I think that's a thing in France, isn't it? They don't shave or bathe as much as the average American?


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