The RJ overexposure is driving me away

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I just saw an episode count of the last 4 months (October 23 - January 24).
October: RJ leads (20/22)... November: RJ is 3rd (16/20)...December: RJ is 4th (13/19)...January: RJ leads (17/22)
Overall he was on 66 episodes (out of 83). No one was on more, not even Brooke and Ridge.
Nothing against the actor but the overexposure of a young and new character is never a good idea on a soap.
I think he looks too young for the part but that's not the biggest issue. They're making him a bit too upstart and unsympathetic. Zende called him the Golden Child, I think it was spot on. I'm at the point where I'll prefer anyone who tries to stand up to him.
Above all, I don't like how Ridge made him an instant designer. 6 months ago he knew nothing about the fashion world. He was handed everything on a silver plater.
He and Luna have friendly chemistry but they don't look romantic at all. Their sex scene fell flat especially after the Thomas-Hope ones.
He never mentionned Coco's name which implies he used her and was never sincere when they were dating.
Teen romances rarely last anyway but I thought even Xander and Emma were more interesting.
Too many male characters have been sidelined at the expense of RJ, starting with the Spencer family, Zende, Deacon,... Eric's other children are still MIA except for Bridget and Thorne who made a brief appearance. Bring back Kristen or Felicia.
I hope this RJ arc ends soon. I care a lot more about Sinn vs Steam, Thope or Sheacon's stories. Don't take RJ off the show but he should get less attention.

Excellent post⭐️⭐️⭐️
I agree, too much RJ. Nothing against the actor, but imo, he isn’t developed enough to have such a large role. It like they threw him into the limelight but he isn’t ready.
You nailed it :cool :cool

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