Does Luna have a medical/mental problem

Sammy @, 2/11/2024, 11:51PM(19 days ago) @GracieGirl

Why all the popping of the breath mints? Seems every time RJ goes to kiss her, she has to get a breath mint. Is there something medically wrong? It is kinda silly. Go brush your teeth properly and use mouth wash for goodness sake. Weird. :surprised

I guess it was to set up this dumb story but like everything else it’s overdone. I have never seen two characters pop pills and mints like these two. Poppy is a Pill Popper and maybe Luna is Looney! I have got a feeling they should have listened to Li.

I agree. I don’t get the popping the mints. Every time RJ gets close, Luna has to have a mint. Weird. Also weird if this is all they can come up with for a story line

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