Does Luna have a medical/mental problem

matisse, 2/11/2024, 7:11PM(153 days ago) @Sammy- one person liked this

Why all the popping of the breath mints? Seems every time RJ goes to kiss her, she has to get a breath mint. Is there something medically wrong? It is kinda silly. Go brush your teeth properly and use mouth wash for goodness sake. Weird. :surprised

She probably just has anxiety. And is new to kissing & intimacy. They write her very young which doesn’t go along with the story they have told us about her but anyway. I remember being in high school and chewing gum a bunch on dates just in case. I don’t think I would classify it as a mental disorder.

Maybe she had an incident where someone said her breath smelled.

That could be. It would make her uneasy

We are getting desperate to dig this deep for motivation of a soap character. LOL. I do the same thing. But IMO that is how I know this show is on fumes. We are all looking for a reason for the silliness.

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