A question about RJ and a question about Eric

Barbybo, 2/11/2024, 8:46AM(153 days ago) @Viola

I am really genuinely curious what would RJ have to do in this whole SL to not be in the wrong and not to deserve to be blamed by Zende? How did RJ actually provoke Zende and what exact sin did he commit? Another question... Why doesn't Zende talk to Eric about his work? I know Eric was at the hospital, but Zende started complaining weeks before he even knew that Eric is sick. He had time. It's all so incredibly illogical for this viewer.

I do agree that Zende should go talk to Eric once Eric is now home. However, I am not sure what good it will do since Ridge is in charge and has no problem in blowing Eric off.
My thing about Zende is, yeah he might have flirted with Luna but he has no idea about the “mints” and she came to Zende’s room
I also think Ridge is treating Zende bad which he does to all that isn’t his immediately family. Ridge can do the right thing and offer Zende a place for him to design too That would be the right thing to do.

Eric did what he wanted and didn't listen to Ridge so how is Ridge in charge? It was Eric's idea to give RJ a job and going by the spoilers, he will soon give job to Zende... So no, Ridge won't be blocking anything for Eric or Zende. Ridge only talked about being in charge, but in the end Eric wanted a line and he made a line... Ridge couldn't even do anything when he saw how much Eric spent on his line.

Actually Ridge doesn't owe anything to Zende after the last few moths. But that's just my opinion.

I asked what RJ was supposed to do and what was his sin because I read that he deserves to be knocked down a few pegs.

R.j the annointed one is sickening….all of a sudden he’s a great designer is dumb to throw around but Ridge…ridge is bias ….zende worked hard doesn’t get much recognition…..zende s turn under the bus I guess

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