Time to bring back Kristen Forrster

Viola, 2/10/2024, 10:23PM(20 days ago) @DC

Recast if you have to but now is the time .Zende needs someone in his corner

He needs someone to remind him how privileged he is.

He knows how privileged he is. RJ needs to be knocked down a few pegs

But why? RJ didn't even chose to work on Eric's line. he was chosen by Eric... The same man Zende praises each time he see's him. The man he lives with, but can't confront about the line... RJ didn't do anything to Zende and I think he should be praised for how incredibly patient he is with him. Apparently Zende doesn't think he is privileged... Kristen won't come back to LA and say that she wants RJ to lose his job so her precious son can feel good about himself.

The character Kristen already said she was available when Eric was sick but no one CALLED her, the Forrester women are not allowed on this show anymore.

Isn't Steffy a Forrester woman?

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