Why is HFTF Being Benched?

Lizzy54 @, Austria, 11/23/2023, 9:45AM(91 days ago) @Barbybo

I think being benched thope bonds fight for recognition…Hope loves the spotlight …she won’t like being backburned and Tom will help her yet again…so the sex scenes will be less and the closeness more……question will Eric ever see results ..or just go to work and brag gloat and spit blood

I like to see them being close. Like when Hope consoled him about Eric´s fate before Zende walked in.
Yes, it should only be a question of time until Eric finds out about Ridge´s decision to lie to him.
He will want to see the numbers some day.
I really hope Eric will not die...maybe Finn and Bridget will find out that Dr Colby is wrong.

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