Scott Clifton (Liam) comments on his storyline

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I don't understand what SC is saying.

Me either..

Good. I thought I was just lost. :cool

It’s kind of explained on the other site that’s referenced in an article from 11/17.

Sorry, that really doesn't help. I don't know what he means in the quote he just said that's in this thread. I don't understand why he's saying he's confirming something when I thought he was telling them that their assessment had been wrong.

This was the original exchange
Nov 14, 2023
Wait, is Liam literally talking to Steffy's photo? Scott Clifton is fantastic, and they're trying to play this as charming. But think about it: If that was Thomas talking to a picture of Hope, everyone would be freaking out.

Scott Clifton
I, for one, was absolutely not playing ‘charming

This is from the Nov 17 follow up article:
“He later went on to say that his response was a way of confirming what I’d seen as “the disconnect between the apparent narrative and the actual behavior of the character.” It’ll be interesting to see if this time, we’re actually going to play that Liam is one majorly messed up dude. Especially after what happened next“

That's not what he said though. He said he was confirming their assessment.

I don't think he's talking about what everybody else in this thread thinks he's talking about personally. I think he's talking about that one scene and how they said he was playing in his charming and he said he was being anything but charming in that one scene.

But I don't get what he's confirming. Because they were wrong that the scene was being played as charming.

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