So He's the One Involved with Poppy! Possible Spoiler

BellaSole, Beverly Hills, California, 11/21/2023, 12:24PM(102 days ago) @B&Bfan1980

Well, we don't know yet if Luna is Bill's daughter or not.

I find it problematic that Poppy was warning Luna away from the Forresters, not the Spencers when she spoke with Luna on the phone. If Luna is Bill's, what was the warning about the Forresters about? And now, Poppy seems okay with Luna working at FC.

Crazy. I wish they'd move this SL along a little faster. I was super-interested in it at first, but now, I'm getting sick of them dragging it out. Just spill, already.

I think it was more about Li and her connection to the Forrester’s. Poppy thought Li would make trouble for Luna and she did but Luna had already proven herself and Li really has no say.

That's really weak writing, so you're probably right! :-)

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