So He's the One Involved with Poppy! Possible Spoiler

BellaSole, Beverly Hills, California, 11/21/2023, 12:16PM(102 days ago) @B&Bfan1980
edited by BellaSole, 11/21/2023, 12:23PM

Luna was talking about how free-spirited her mom is. Kind of hard for me to see Bill liking a flower-child.

I guess all his women were so different from Quinn to Kelly to Katie to Brooke. And whomever else.

Given they don’t recognize each other I am guessing if they had a thing it took place in the dark and they weren’t really a couple.

Bill could have been drunk or maybe it was a one-nighter, and he doesn't recognize her after 20+ years. Or maybe Bill's not Luna's father at all. I'm kind of thinking he isn't now, but that he met Poppy with someone else. What's confusing about Bill being her father is why Poppy would warn Luna to stay away from the Forrester family. It did seem obvious to me that Poppy recognized Bill but didn't want to speak with him.

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