So the plug gets pulled on HFTF just like that?

Barbybo, 11/21/2023, 7:36AM(103 days ago) @Lizzy54

Seems he is telling Eric nothing aside from his (white) lie that Eric won the competition.
Now they will have to produce Eric´s gowns though they lost the competition and lose money instead of producing Ridge´s line...
But wouldn´t Eric, as he is CEO now, find out which line is actually produced and how much (or how little) money it makes?
Wouldn´t he be surprised that his line, though he won, doesn´t sell?
I suppose Eric will soon find out about Ridge´s lie...they won´t let him die (IF he really dies) still believing it?

Eric has a health problem after win gets old news he will probably be at home with health issues…does anyone really think he’s dyeing

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