Nobody caring about Beth is frustrating

Barbybo, 11/21/2023, 5:57AM(103 days ago) @GracieGirl

Bill was on today telling Sheila to stay away from Kelly.

What about Beth? Your OTHER granddaughter? I guess she doesn’t matter to him because she’s Hope’s child.

I’m glad that Katie is with Carter. Katie shouldn’t be with a man who hates her niece and doesn’t give a darn about her grandniece.

And Bill isn’t the only one. Liam doesn’t care about Beth’s grandfather being with Sheila, only about Kelly, who I doubt Sheila has any interest in, Hope doesn’t care what Thomas did re: Beth anymore.

Are they writing this to set Beth up to be a b in the future because of how everyone disregarded her?

The show won’t be on long enough for Beth to grow up unless they make an overnight change. I understand the thing with child actors. My problem is ever since Beth returned to her parents , it’s as if she’s a reminder of all the bad things people did to take and keep her from her parents. It’s as if they are trying to bury her story. It was a powerful story but to me the show wants to make characters good who did evil and blame their mistakes on immaturity. So I think it’s writers regret. Flo and Thomas are forever burdened by their roles and they should be. I wish shoe would work with the reality they created than gaslight fans. It may not be fact but it’s how I feel.

They are writeing Tom redeemed he’s cool now..still think Beth is that ladies in the clinic it would be great as Hope wouldn’t have Liam stalking babbling his hissies

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