So the plug gets pulled on HFTF just like that?

Sammy @, 11/21/2023, 12:45AM(103 days ago) @ReturnedBBFan


I said in another post **make it make sense**

I thought FC was swimming in the dough from the HFTF revenue? So is Thomas/Zende/Hope benched, will they just hang around and twiddle their thumbs or will Thomas/Zende be repurposed to junior designers under Eric/RJ.

They pull it for a line that didn't win the competition and probably will have dresses the average person can't afford. It seems like all the other lines are on hold for Eric's line. Also which fashion house only has ONE line going at a time? If Eric's line is so expensive (dripping in diamonds and all that) shouldn't someone speak to him gently about making sure the company stays afloat.

Ridge said it today the other lines are currently being pulled because of Eric and Ridge’s lines. Nothing was indicated, except by Zenda that HFTF was been pulled and nothing indicated it was discontinued for good. Just while Eric and Ridge did their thing. I think too big of a deal is being made just because it’s Hope and Thomas. Nothing was said the line was pulled for good

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