So He's the One Involved with Poppy! Possible Spoiler

BellaSole, Beverly Hills, California, 11/20/2023, 9:52PM(180 days ago) @B&Bfan1980

Possible Spoiler for Those Who Haven't Seen the Show Yet

So Bill is the one who's been involved with Poppy in the past? He was so distracted by Poppy and Luna, that he couldn't continue arguing with Sheila. I suppose Luna will turn out to be Bill's daughter and Liam's sister, even though he can't place Poppy right now. There's obviously some history there. I suppose it could have been a one-nighter. I would have rather it had been Eric, but Bill needs a SL.

I'm not sure. I think it may just be a tease. Bill may very well have had a one-night stand with Poppy at some point, and that could just be further proof that she is promiscuous. Bill, being her father, has zero impact on the story, and his having a third unknown child is pretty dumb.

Mostly, it wouldn't be why Li hates Poppy and Luna. She wouldn't know that information, and Naomi has implied there is more to her anger than what we have seen. It also has no impact on Finn.

I think we may get more teases about who Luna's father is in the coming weeks. It reminds me of them hinting that Quinn might have been Finn's mother before revealing it was Sheila.

After thinking about it, I agree with you. I don't think Luna is Bill's child, but I do think the two encountered each other somewhere. Poppy seemed to recognize Bill even though she denied knowing him.

The main reason I no longer think Luna will be Bill's is because Poppy was warning Luna about the Forresters when she was speaking over the phone. Bill's a Spencer. So what's the deal with the Forresters? I've no idea.

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