So the plug gets pulled on HFTF just like that?

BBDownunder, 11/20/2023, 8:34PM(151 days ago) @Tiqui1999

What is going on with this show? Seriously. At the beginning of the year, we were told how important HFTF was to Hope and how important it was to Forrester. It was bleeding numbers because Eric and Zende were pulled off Couture to design it.

Thomas came back, turned it into a sensation, and they all had the time of their lives in Rome. Did the Baby and Johnny "And I owe it all to you" dance and everything.

Then Hope was all about changing the image, and Thomas was still designing. Hope was even the "It" girl or whatever. Now suddenly, all that is just gone? Stopped?

Zende said today that they weren't "posting" to the line anymore -- whatever that means. I don't get it. All that hype about keeping HFTF afloat earlier this year and now it's just dead in the water?

Of course, this is what I want. I'm sick of HFTF, but make it make sense because Zende and Eric, according to HFTF's storyline earlier this year, worked together on not only HFTF, but also Couture! Now Zende is back on HFTF again?

I'm confused.

maybe eric is making some Bold decisions

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