Nobody caring about Beth is frustrating

ReturnedBBFan, 11/20/2023, 7:45PM(104 days ago) @Ilovebizzie

Unfortunately children in soaps are only used as plot points.

I will say though that the portrayal of Hope in mom mode is terrible, we get to see Steffy taking care or hanging with her kids or mentioning her kids. It's not a lot but enough to establish her role as a mom. They also pop up every once in a while. Zilch with Beth, no wonder they call her invisiBeth. We also see Liam interact more with Kelly, hear about her spending time with him and nada for Beth.

I completely expect that Beth will grow up with a major chip on her shoulder. We had Taylor "good girl"/Brooke "bad girl", then Hope was the "good girl" to Steffy's "bad girl" and I can see Beth being the "bad girl" to "Kelly's" good girl if this soap is around so long.

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