Nobody caring about Beth is frustrating

hopeyougogirl, 11/20/2023, 6:42PM(104 days ago) @Ilovebizzie- one person liked this

It’s because they’re pushing a Liam/Steffy/Finn triangle for now. Admitting Liam has a child with Hope doesn’t fit his “it was always Steffy” narrative he’s pushing at the moment.

Leffy has been a dead horse for so long, so suddenly pushing them as some great love story is totally laughable imo. Not to mention, they were so mismatched, boring and dysfunctional too.

Shown on screen, Steffy blackmailed Bill. Yet, she told Ivy (and Liam too) that “blackmail is a crime”. Per Steffy’s own words, she IS a criminal cuz she has blackmailed.

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