So He's the One Involved with Poppy! Possible Spoiler

Dreamgirl, 11/20/2023, 6:12PM(103 days ago) @BellaSole

Possible Spoiler for Those Who Haven't Seen the Show Yet

So Bill is the one who's been involved with Poppy in the past? He was so distracted by Poppy and Luna, that he couldn't continue arguing with Sheila. I suppose Luna will turn out to be Bill's daughter and Liam's sister, even though he can't place Poppy right now. There's obviously some history there. I suppose it could have been a one-nighter. I would have rather it had been Eric, but Bill needs a SL.

This is hilarious if true :lol Talk about lack of originality. I can just imagine the writers now; "Hey we need to create a connection between this new character and someone already on screen. Who should we connect her to?" "I know, let's make her Bill's daughter". "Umm, doesn't Bill already have two sons who he didn't know about and who have different mothers? You want to create a third baby mama for him?" "Why not? We don't have to waste any time or energy thinking up a new scenario if we use one that's already been done to death. Plus, I'm sure the audience will love it!" " You know, you're right! Let's do it!"

On another note, I just realized there were only two Spencers when the show started. And now it seems this family won't stop growing, and not just with the next generation, but with unknown progeny that keep popping up out of nowhere!

And on a third note, are people finding it appealing that Bill slept with so many women leaving them pregnant and never looked back? Because it's starting to leave a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

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