Nobody caring about Beth is frustrating

B&Bfan1980, 11/20/2023, 5:07PM(104 days ago) @Ilovebizzie

Bill was on today telling Sheila to stay away from Kelly.

What about Beth? Your OTHER granddaughter? I guess she doesn’t matter to him because she’s Hope’s child.

I’m glad that Katie is with Carter. Katie shouldn’t be with a man who hates her niece and doesn’t give a darn about her grandniece.

And Bill isn’t the only one. Liam doesn’t care about Beth’s grandfather being with Sheila, only about Kelly, who I doubt Sheila has any interest in, Hope doesn’t care what Thomas did re: Beth anymore.

Are they writing this to set Beth up to be a b in the future because of how everyone disregarded her?

I think it is quite simple. Sheila is linked to Finn. Finn lives in the house with Kelly, so if he interacts with Sheila there is a chance Kelly would too. Also, Sheila saved Kelly. that is why she was mentioned. Thats all. It isn't that Beth doesn't matter. She is just not relevant in the story.

Liam mentioned BEth in relation to Thomas which makes sense.

Kids are forgotten on soaps until they are being used as a plot point when Douglas last mentioned meanwhile his parents have been together for months at this point.

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