Logistics of a Thope Fashion House

matisse, 11/20/2023, 4:25PM(188 days ago) @hopeyougogirl

I would not be opposed to Thope starting their own fashion house and taking HFTF with them. They could certainly come up with the necessary capital. Assuming they get the rights to their line and everything that goes with it that's a great foundation. Zende could come along and they could give him a line of his own. It would be nice to have rival fashion houses again.

Doubt there will be a Thope fashion house. LOL. They aren’t even a viable couple.

It just occurred to me that on the show, Tom was the one that designed that hideous Little Hope on the Prairie look, and after that he did the HFTF Disney Princess Prom Dresses....I think these two nepo babies better stay put. LOL

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