Logistics of a Thope Fashion House

matisse, 11/20/2023, 4:21PM(152 days ago) @ReturnedBBFan

I would be happy with a story like that. This show is desperately in need of a rival fashion house.

I assume they have the $$ but they can also get investors. I don’t think Thomas has a head for business though so they may need to take Steffy along. Would be interesting if this story ends with Eric losing FC AGAIN.

I cannot see Steffy leaving her dad and grand-dad whom she loves and has no issues with at all, to go and work for her brother and a woman she thinks is an idiot. But who knows? LOL. Also, Steffy owns 37.5% of FC and I imagine she has a non-compete agreement with FC, as probably does Tom and Zende. Those are usually for 6 months to 2 years. If Thope opens their own fashion house, they better sell his new place and ask Brooke if they can live in the cabin rent-free. They are going to need every dime they can get, even if he sells his 5% of FC. Maybe they can hire Paris to come and do PR for them?

Though I do like the idea of Tom selling his 5% of FC, maybe Brooke would buy it and then she would have at least a small stake in the company she made very wealthy.

But, I don't see Thope branching out to do anything other than maybe have sex somewhere new, like the sauna at FC or the basement cutting room.

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