So He's the One Involved with Poppy! Possible Spoiler

hopeyougogirl, 11/20/2023, 4:17PM(215 days ago) @BellaSole
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Possible Spoiler for Those Who Haven't Seen the Show Yet

So Bill is the one who's been involved with Poppy in the past? He was so distracted by Poppy and Luna, that he couldn't continue arguing with Sheila. I suppose Luna will turn out to be Bill's daughter and Liam's sister, even though he can't place Poppy right now. There's obviously some history there. I suppose it could have been a one-nighter. I would have rather it had been Eric, but Bill needs a SL.

I love this! I remember a while back posting about Bill being potentially Luna’s father and I would love to see Bill having a daughter for a change.:dance2

This would definitely bring drama..Bridge’s golden child and Bill’s daughter?:tv6

Shown on screen, Steffy blackmailed Bill. Yet, she told Ivy (and Liam too) that “blackmail is a crime”. Per Steffy’s own words, she IS a criminal cuz she has blackmailed.

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