Why is HFTF Being Benched?

matisse, 11/20/2023, 3:07PM(236 days ago) @Tiqui1999- one person liked this

FC is a successful house for starters. Secondly wasn't the entire point of the fashion challenge that only one of those lines is being produced, in this case Eric's. Shouldn't that open up funds for other lines, namely the one that is bringing in record profits and is a major philanthropic arm of the company? Hope and Thomas should be livid and coming in hot tomorrow.

Carter said they couldn't afford both couture and HFTF. Ridge let Eric win, so Eric is designing his "last" line, couture. So, no budget for HFTF. Any more questions, you have to take it up with Carter. LOL

Time for Hope and Tom to go out on their own

Yes, out there where there is no storyline for them associated with anyone else and they can go off screen and let happily ever after on the back burner.

Yup...I am all in on that SL...they can be trotted out for Christmas Court and all other shindigs. LOL

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