Bridge get back together then what if THOPE happen?

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I am in 100 percent agreement.
I'd like Brooke to just stand by and let Hope blow her life apart.
Hope can learn what reality is all about.

It is her daughter so she won't kick her to the curb, but she might let her fall on her face and finally understand everything her mother had to put up with for years, when she "followed her heart"....I want Thope to be in all the tabloids with pictures and Hope being branded the cheating wife who could not keep her knees closed around her playboy step-brother. LOL

Should all people who want to end a marriage be crucified? Why would public judge they make dresses not that important only gossip a tad then move on type……they are dressmakers who would care as long as they like the dresses and buy them…who they chose to be with is their choice…..

Yes, people with young children who want to end their marriage for no reason other than they have hot pants for another, should be chastised. Why would the public judge Brooke? All she did was run a company that made dresses. But, according to Stephanie, Taylor and Steffy, Brooke brought scandal and harm to the company with her choices, and she needed to be fired, and at times was fired for it. So yes, Hope should be fired too, and yes, the tabloids should rake her over the coals for it. What was good for Brooke, is good for everyone else on this show. In fact, maybe the tabloids should find out that Hope's husband was cheating on her with the CEO of the company that employs Hope. And, the tabloids should probably be told about Tom wanting baby Beth Spencer to remain dead and for her mother, an employee of FC, to never know her baby was alive. Like I said, if Brooke could be fired for bringing "scandal" to the dress factory, then so should Hope, Steffy, Tom and Ridge.

I don´t think any buyers or public are interested in with whom the designer of the clothes is sleeping...how would they even know? I never read about the designers of Chanel, Dior, Armani, Prada or Gucci who of them is sleeping with who, married or not, cheating or not...no one is interested in their love life.
Perhaps a supermodel, like Giselle Bündchen, would interest the tabloids, but not a designer.
If anything, a scandal would make them finally interesting.
If they would fire every designer who falls in love with someone who is not their husband/wife there wouldn´t be many designers left I suppose.

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