Question about Thomas and his brain tumor...

Barbybo, 5/26/2023, 4:36AM(385 days ago) @BBDownunder

If Thomas had the brain tumor when the Beth drama occurred, could that have played a role in his actions? Not excusing what happened, but maybe the underlying medical issue was involved. He is absolutely responsible for all of his despicable actions since his brain surgery, but that's a whole other story.

well if Pam can be forgiven for almost killing Donna cos she had a brain issue then so can thomas IMO

Simple some think Lopes the ideal couple even thou Liam was a waffel and Hope the idiot took him back …their choice …jmo. Now Hopes moving on success and Liam’s nagging …either way guess Hopes not Liam’s doormat he deserves a dump…jmo. Tom and Hope have great chemistry seems other characters were bad but they get a pass it’s this Hope belongs with Liam thing in a cabin they don’t match he has no ambition in life she’s just realizing how far she can go…at least steffy seems happy I wish Liam would stop running to her it disgusts me Liam whines

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