Question about Thomas and his brain tumor...

GollyMollie, 5/26/2023, 4:36AM(385 days ago) @palmettogirl

If Thomas had the brain tumor when the Beth drama occurred, could that have played a role in his actions? Not excusing what happened, but maybe the underlying medical issue was involved. He is absolutely responsible for all of his despicable actions since his brain surgery, but that's a whole other story.

Thomas knew about Beth for all of two weeks and did go to Steffy to tell her immediately, but he saw Steffy and Liam there playing with Kelly and Beth and he didn’t have the heart to tell Steffy and went into protective mode to spare Steffy.
That’s when he did the blackmail but Brooke did the same thing years ago and kept Thomas Paternity from Ridge along with Thorne for over a year so I’m not understanding her holier than tough attitude about Thomas,
Brooke even went as far as to move her wedding up an hour to keep Taylor from telling Ridge the truth belt her married her.
She’s always schemed and that’s why I can’t get on board with this whitewashed version of Brooke Logan who is the proverbial victim in every storyline!

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