sod article: taylor deacon brooke, with sean kanan (Spoilers)

B&Bfan1980, 5/26/2023, 12:56AM(16 days ago) @SonOfMan


This will probably lead to Taylor and Deacon. Brooke (unlike Hope) is she is usually honest with her feelings and lately she has been all about Ridge. I never saw any romantic vibes between Deacon and Brooke. The only time she kissed him is when Sheila switched the labels. I can't see her falling into Deacon's arms all of a sudden. And Ridge doesn't seem interested in Taylor at all. She is stupid if she tries something. She will lose her friendship with Brooke and for nothing except another rejection from Ridge!!

If it's true Brooke and Ridge reunite in Italy, then I think Deacon and Taylor will comfort each other. Until Sheila resurfaces and comes between them!

I suspect the plan is that. Deacon & Taylor may start to get closer but then Sheila is released. I can’t imagine it is going to be too much longer before she is released which doesn’t leave much time for them to build anything. That conversation at the prison about how Sheila will die alone because no one loves her may come back to haunt Taylor. Deacon & Sheila left things on good terms and I think that was on purpose. They are only not together because she is in prison.

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