Hope and Taylor are two of a kind

Tiqui1999 @, 5/25/2023, 11:22PM(16 days ago) @GracieGirl- one person liked this

They both act like silly teenagers and are not taking responsibility for the messes they have created for themselves. Hope has never been more boring to me. She’s blaming everyone but herself for her issues. Free Liam now.

I wasn't happy today when she said to Liam that he got to spend time with his ex but she couldn't spend time with her designer.

First of all, she TOLD Steffy to talk to the man and convince the man. So now she can't get all mad if he is talking to Steffy. But you know, it's fine if he talks to Steffy as long as she's getting to be around Thomas, right? Hope told him to believe Steffy. Well...I think he should.

Second, Thomas is not merely her designer. She knows that. She knows the history and she knows her new feelings, so that was very disingenuous.

Hope and Taylor are on my last nerve trying to tell people how to feel about Thomas, too.

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