Bridge get back together then what if THOPE happen?

matisse, 5/25/2023, 11:14PM(16 days ago) @KKLBAB12

I too think Ridge will expect Thomas to back off Hope and not pursue her. He'll want the peace kept. I could also see Steffy firing Hope (or even Ridge) to keep Thomas on the path SHE wants for him.

I have been posting that all week....I think Steffy will fire Hope, or take her off HFTF and put her somewhere else, if she still wants to work at FC. I think this may be where the new ingenue Bell said he was hiring will come into play. I just think we might be getting another Caroline II situation, instead of Tom and Rick vying for her, it will be Tom and RJ vying for her....or better yet.....Tom and Liam vying for her, and Hope left out in the cold. LOL

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